World Day for the End of Speciesism

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For several years now, a world day has been dedicated to ending speciesism. After racism and sexism, speciesism is now a fundamental cause to defend in our society that wants to evolve.

What is speciesism?

This concept appeared in 1970 in the work of British psychologist Richard D. Ryder, Speciesism. He identified discrimination based on neither race nor sex, but on species. With speciesism, a species becomes a moral criteria for all acts of subordination with man considering his race as superior to all others.

Therefore, the life and interests of animals may be brushed off for the sole reason that they are another species. Speciesism justifies using animals in our daily lives and food, activities, commerce, and experimentations without consideration for them and their right to live.

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Fortunately, similar to racism and sexism, considered banal for the last century before really being fought against, speciesism has become one of the most important debates of our century. Our morality is no longer based on the concept of species and must also include animals.

The demands

The World Day for the End of Speciesism is therefore the occasion to make heard the demands of equality and justice among all living, sentient beings.

The first advancement should be to change the legal status of animals. Animals are subjected to a property status which permits companies and industries to use them like simple wares despite the sentience which is now recognized by ethologists. This progress would permit us to see the interests of animals represented before justice by those associations and tutors other than the owners. In keeping with the recognition of the sensitivity of animals and their right to be protected, stopping animal experimentation is indispensable and very much called for.

Another advancement must be carried out through the education of future generations. The World Day for the End of Speciesism calls for the active development of a benevolent education with regard to animals by increasing awareness and available information in order to instill respect for all life on earth.

In the same sense, this day wishes to promote nonviolent diets for future generations. The majority of animals killed on the planet are for our food supply and notably in conditions of extreme violence. Yet the number of vegetarians and vegans prove that the consumption of animal products isn’t essential to our diet. This is why the end of subsidies to animal agriculture in favor of changing the sector seems to be the best solution for the development of a healthier and more plant-based diet.

Finally, in an increasingly alarming environmental context (disruption, climate, pollution, overfishing, etc.), it is essential to recognize that our actions impact the entire ecosystem. Too many animals suffer from the selfish decisions taken by humans in the form of deforestation which leads to the extinction of many species. Therefore it is crucial that environmental decisions take into consideration the interests of animals.

Participate in the World Day for the End of Speciesism

To lend your support and denounce speciesism, you can go to the many marches and events organized around the world. Together we can evolve our society for a better and caring world.

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